About Us

Bronko Bikes is an electric bike start-up based in San Antonio, TX. The dream of creating a company was born one May afternoon in 2012, when I took my first test ride on the alpha-prototype in South Austin, TX.


I decided to ride to my favorite record shop End of an Ear on South 1st. While shopping, I charged at the SolDesignLab solar pump(pictured below). It dawned on me that this is the future of personal transportation. 

At Bronko Bikes, our focus is to empower the average cyclist with an electric bike kit or quality full bikes. Thus, extending their range and power behind the handle bars. We remove the guess work from DYI install by doing the work for you; pairing quality products with friendly personable service. 

We would love for everyone to ride a Bronko Bike, but we believe the impact of riding green extends well beyond business. 

If you're ready to join the electric bike revolution, then let us help you saddle up! 

-Bryan Martin